Axora Ltd, registered in 2001 and based in Nowy Sacz, is a family business owned by brothers Mikolaj and Grzegorz Zelasko. Previous experience of brothers have been associated with a company called Greenpoint Clp, which was established in 1990 and engaged in trade
of food products (fruits and vegetables).

In the 1990's Greenpoint Clp, as one of the first companies in Poland, founded in Stary Sacz banana ripening pressure chambers and began
a long-term cooperation with Chiquita. The consequence
was the cooperation and distribution of bananas into REAL hypermarket chains.

As a result of the market observation and increase in fruit
and vegetable consumption the company was converted from Greenpoint Civil Law Partnership into Axora Limited Partnership.

The products are ordered and distributed to the branches
of the company and then to the clients from the head office
of the company in Nowy Sacz.

Currently we run warehouses in Krakow and Wroclaw. The company also supplies supermarket chains. Through our contractors
the products reach retailers and trading companies.

In addition, since 1978, the company but rather a precursor
of the company was involved in specialist greenhouse crop
of cucumbers and tomatoes.

The strategic objective of the company through the years was and still is to guarantee the quality of sold products, to maintain a high position in the market, further development of the sales and facing
up the increasing competition.